TechBalance interviews fashion businesswoman Adriana Ambrosi


Falls: a silent epidemic

Conversation with fashion businesswoman Adriana Ambrosi, triathlete for 30 years.

How was your father's accident and how is he?

My father is 84 years old, he is a very active and strong person who has always done everything for everyone. Now in this moment of confinement they are unable to stand still. He went to put a ladder to paint a window and ended up falling, had severe spine surgery for seven hours, now we don't know how to be ... if he will walk again. New life going forward.

Do you consider that a predictive risk test could help prevent these situations from occurring and, especially, get worse during this quarantine?

Certainly. I think it is very important to alert them! Because we know that it is very difficult to hold them. My father lives in Veranópolis, third city in quality of life in Brazil. He practiced 1 hour of physical activity daily. We are a family of almost athletes: my husband and I are triathletes, my runner. We have many family members who are very old. Ironically, our look has always been to preserve health and now we are experiencing this situation of apprehension with my father. It is not the first time, my mother-in-law, already deceased, broke her femur and spent 8 years in the wheelchair. We realized in practice how difficult it is to care after the problem is installed. We are a country that is going to get old and we are not prepared to take care of the old.