The Techbalance Platform is a digital solution for fall risk assessment of vulnerable patients

We promote fall prevention and access to postural balance and gait rehabilitation through a low-cost and accessible tool that can be implemented as a healthcare protocol.

Fall Risk Assessment for clinical environments

By using a smartphone attached to the patient's center of mass, we are able to collect movement data for the inertial measurement of the corporal oscillation in static and dynamic postures.

Smart Resource Management

Patient Performance

Fall Risk Score and Performance Reports.

Accident Reduction

Proper assessment of vulnerable patients and Fall Prevention.

Cost Reduction

Smart Resource Management via BI and Data Science.


The information and data collected during the patient's assessment will generate a fall risk score that will support the healthcare provider in the treatment plan elaboration and clinical referrals.

Transparent Information

Objective and measurable data presented by charts and graphs.

Fall Risk and Fragility

Assessment of vulnerable patients to create customized treatment plans.



Clinical decision support and patient's performance in the course of the treatment.

Ready to start preventing falls?

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