Get to know your fragility, falls and fractures risk score

with TechOnline

Covid-19 online self-screening, falls and fractures risk score.

We are a platform and App that take care of
falls risk
and patient's balance using only
the cell phone

60% reduction in costs

Priority prevention for those who need it most, targeted care, transparency and data BI

Our TechBalance monitoring solutions through repeated evaluations bring objective data in
real time
and helps in the prevention and monitoring of the
elderly, patients, athletes and sports players.

Check the most suitable solution for your business:

Complete test with risk and fragility score, treatment proposal, platform, doctor and patient reports. 

TechOne at home for fracture prevention and rehabilitation of elderly people with real-time results.

COVID-19 online self-screening, falls and fractures risk score. Chat, educational report and risk georeferencing.

Accuracy in rapid screening of fall's risk score to reduce claims in hospitals.

Performance metrics and biomechanical evolution wherever the sport is for injury prevention and cost reduction.

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