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TechBalance CEO, Fabiana Almeida, was interviewed by Olhar Digital Plus [+], a tech news program from Sony TV Channel, to represent a HealthTech startup incubated by the HubSP - USP.

Fabiana Almeida, TechBalance CEO, was invited by Live University to speak in the Switch - Digital Transformation Symposium - an event that proposed the debate about innovations, experiences, and trends in the field of Digital Transformation.

TechBalance had the honor to participate in Arena do Futuro, a major technology conference, that celebrated in its last edition São Paulo's 465th Anniversary and debated Longevity and Fall Prevention.

Abstract: With a 40% increase in the number of deaths by fall between 2005 and 2014, the estimations are to register 100.000 deaths by 2030. The wearable technology by inertial sensors is being studied for the clinical support on the assessment, treatment and remote monitoring of elderly patients. A 25% reduction of these deaths can be estimated if...

Abstract: The Inertial Accelerometers have been considered very promising in postural monitoring studies for its accuracy, test-retest reliability and portability. However, its application for the analysis of the center of pressure (CoP) and the center of mass (CoM) still presents unspecific results when comparing with the force platform (FP) and...